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THE ORIGINALS ‘ Claire Holt – Bello Magazine March 2014 YHH Cover

I post this as I watch The Originals‘ episode where we say goodbye to Rebekah Mikaelson. How can we say goodbye to Rebekah Mikaelson!??:(I’m so confused… upset… ahhhhhh!!! I DID mention I love this show… so give me a sec to put my thoughts together. This an emotional moment!

Claire Holt. Beautiful GORGEOUS, sweet, charismatic and one heeeeeelllll of a model! Wow! I’d give up my job to become her personal photographer and follow her around in a split second! She reminds me of my Bela. They are those kinds of girls you love to hate, because they don’t need to do anything when in front of a camera. They just need to stand there… looking flawless without even trying! Not even fair!

THE ORIGINALS’ Daniel Gillies – Bello Magazine March 2014 Entertainment Cover

I’ll forever thank my Bello Mag team for the opportunity to work with Daniel! He was so much fun to work with! I know I speak for the whole team when I say this.

CWTV drama “The Originals” is one of my top favorite tv shows. Good looking people, incredible wardrobe… and vampires. Yup, winning combination!:)


British model Elena Fernandes as Bello Mag February 2014 Fashion cover

Working with this beautiful girl, at this stunning house in the Hollywood Hills… tough job I tell ya!

Photographer: Amanda Elkins

Art Direction: Alek Tomovic

Styling: Adeel Khan

Make up: Nicole Walmsley

Hair: Griselle Sparza

Location: Sam Plouchart ( The Agency RE)


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